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The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the Academic Institutes (School, Colleges, and Universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually. It is difficult now to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable.In case of a manual system, it is a time taking process and involves huge manpower wherein the online admission system ensures accurate and very fast computerized information. Maintaining backup is also very easy using Online Admission System.

Online Admission

The goal of our Online Admission System is to automate the Academic Institute's admission structure and its related operation and functionality. The objective of the initiative is to provide support to the administration and admission seeking candidates by providing a faster, transparent and easy way of keeping records and use them for reference and further proceedings.

Online Admission

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Set best recruits practice.
Improved Productivity.


Set best recruits practice benchmark for your institute and improve the productivity of your recruitment team multi-fold.

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Complete Empowerment.
100% Paper work Elimination.


Completely empower your admission teams with this powerful system, which eliminates paper 100% and automates it's all

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Constant Student Engagement.
Guide at Every Stage.


Constantly engage with student, as guide to their admission Process at every step a like friend through every stage.

Key Benefits for Management

Efficient management is the key to any growth and success. If you want a strong management for your educational institutes, see how our Admission Module helps the management to achieve maximum goals in minimum efforts.

  • User friendly Admission Process.

  • Instant Photography through webcam.

  • Instant I Card generation to duplicate I Card facility

  • Automated online software system works 24 x 7: Minimizes time of processing - due to no time barrier, institutes admission process time is reduced. Institutes can publish their merit list lot earlier compared to manual way.

  • Automatic Student kit generation.

  • Category wise report generation.

  • Man Power Saving: Institutes don't need to assign additional security to manage huge crowd.

  • Institutes no longer require printing & storing admission forms.

  • Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.


Our admission module of the college management system bears mind-blowing qualities for parents and students also. Lets us have a look.

Remote Access

Parents can access to college information and homework by sitting at home only.

Online Submission

Students can submit homework and project online only.

Online Results

Online access to examination results.

Online Registration

Successful registration online.

Online Payments

Online payments of fees.

No Long Queues

Candidates don't need to stand in long queues for admission process.